Hospital Bag Essentials

Hospital Bag Essentials

Hospital Bag Essentials

We asked our instagram followers:

"What's the best tip on what to pack in your hospital bag?"

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Here are the most popular answers:

1. Treats

2. Spritz for bits

3. phone charger with an extra long lead

4. a mini fan -  hospitals are boiling

5. waterproof sliders

6. extra large pants

7. nipple shields if breast feeding

8. pack for a c section just in case (see separate blog post on what to pack if having a planned c section)

9. dry shampoo

10. water bottle with long straw

11. baby outfits in zip lock bags

12. own pillow

13. lip balm

14. comfy leggings

15. hairbands

16. make up wipes

17. don't go overboard

18. lovely face wash/fancy toiletries

19. tens machine

20. peri bottle

21. see through cosmetics bag

22. make your own padsicles

23. disposable knickers

24. Spotify playlist

25. Own pillow