First Birthday Gift Ideas

We asked our followers on Instagram for their best 1st birthday gifts and here are the most common answers. 

You can see the original responses from our followers on Instagram here:  1st Birthday Gift Ideas

Sand and water play table

1. Sand and Water Table

One of the best ways to keep children occupied is giving them water to play with!

2. Music Instruments

Maybe not great for parents' ears, but babies love playing with musical instruments.

3. Olli Ella Dozy Dinkums

The cutest addition to Olli Ella's beautiful dolls range. The perfect snuggle buddy.

4. Colour Change Bath Book

This is a big favourite in our house and available in different themes.

5. Dolls Pram

Pretty sure this is the most stylish dolls pram out there! Available in different colours.

6. Skuttlebug Ride On

Have only heard great reviews for the Skuttlebug, great for toddlers on the move.

7. Play Kitchen

The original bestselling Ikea Kitchen has a new red version. Play kitchens last for years! Worth the investment.

8. Play Food

No kitchen is complete without play food! I particularly like this wooden set of all food groups.

9. Magnetic Animals

The soft magnetic animals simply click on the bars, making them ideal for little hands.

10. Robo Fish

By far the most popular answer on instagram! The life-like robotic swimming pets for bathtime.

Yoto Player

11. Yoto Player

BIG fans of Yoto, we continue to use ours every bedtime and also have a mini version for our younger son.

12. 4-in-1 Scooter

This three-wheeled scooter can transform into three different forms; ride on pushchair, walking bike and scooter.

13. Soft Play Sets

Bring soft play to your home! The ultimate excitement for toddlers.

14. Wooden Rainbow

Will last forever and can be used in so many different games for little ones.

15. Books

You can't beat books! Our current favourites are the 100 first words series by Edward Underwood. With big flaps to lift!

16. Ball pond

Ok, so you might be picking up balls for the next year, but toddlers LOVE ball ponds.

17. Duplo

Filled with toddler-friendly features, the Alphabet Town set gives hours of creative build-and-rebuild fun.

18. Green Toys Vehicles

Made from 100% Recycled Plastic and with a great selection for the bath.

19. Bath Toys

Make bathtime fun with Matchstick Monkey's new bath slide and animal rocks.

20. Lock Board

The best activity board for busy toddlers! Helps build fine and gross motor skills.

and of course...a gus + beau playmat

Express your style and unlock their creativity with fun, beautiful patterns and colourful prints.

gus + beau playmats