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Nursery Inspiration

Here are our top 10 most-liked photos on Instagram in 2022. It’s always the best feeling seeing our large foam play mat designs in your beautiful homes. And it’s so inspiring to see how you style them and where you choose to use them. From kitchens to dedicated children's playrooms, our playmats were happy accompaniments to your interior design dreams.  

Just scroll down to see all our most-liked photos on Instagram in 2022 below.

Home with Nicci

We love the careful styling of the Miffy Playmat in White (now sold out). The pastel-coloured toys and beautiful wicker basket add a touch of natural ambience to the playroom that compounds with the abundance of faux fruit and veg.


Our Own Hygge

Hard at play! This adorable little one is surrounded by Scandi design, expertly complemented by the Confetti Playmat in Sand which provides a soft and large foam play mat for big days.


No. 9 Designs

Here, the Triangle Playmat in Grey is expertly-used to create a designated zone for play and exploration. (We also LOVE the hanging banner!).


Edwardian Villa

Sometimes, less is more. We love the portability of the Star Playmat in Multicolour that creates a simple, large foam play mat space for the little one amongst the grown-ups.


In Pixels

The Triangle Playmat in White is the perfect canvas for them to make friends, explore their creativity and settle in for naptime.


Stacey Solomon

We love it to the moon and back again! The Star Playmat in Grey sets the stage for this little one's developmental play.


That Berry House

Who knew the Triangle Playmat in Grey could become a whole greengrocer!? We absolutely love the creativity with our large foam play mat on display here.


The Marsh Family

The delicate pattern pop of happy bunnies on the Miffy Playmat in Grey creates an amazing optical effect in this dedicated child’s playroom.


Helena Home Style

So muted, you’d barely notice. The Star Playmat in Multicolour softly blends into the background allowing the beautiful handcrafted children's furniture to shine.


Kiara Lai

The Confetti Playmat in Mint pairs so perfectly with the mint green accent balls, you’d swear they were designed in tandem!