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Favourite Finds

Ready for a new favourite finds takeover!?

Meet Hayley Cunningham, founder of Kid of the Village - a children's decor brand created in 2017. Hayley designs fun and engaging art prints, wall hangings and wall stickers, inspired by her own two young kids. 

Autumn's Corner Wavy Frames

"I love this brand and have a few of their pieces in my own kids rooms. These frames are so fun and on trend!"

Wavy Frames

Possum Play Couch Planks

"Another brand we know well having one of their play couches in our playroom and these planks look super fun!"

Couch Planks

OtherLetters hair bows

"I absolutely adore the colours and checked prints - I need some for my daughter (and me!)"

Hair bows

Speed Track

"We got one of these for my son at Christmas and he's obsessed! Perfect if your kid loves launching cars down the stairs."

Speed track


"How cute are these blocks! Beautiful colours and a lovely way to personalise a nursery."


Little Belle Nightlights

"I fell in love when I saw these nightlights, stunning and magical!"


Mimi and Lula garlands

"Another brand I really love and we have lots of their accessories, love the sparkle of these garlands!"


Melissa and Doug popcorn maker

"My kids are popcorn obsessed and I love anything that encourages pretend play. Plus Melissa and Doug toys are totally iconic!"

Popcorn maker

Sarah's Silks blossom streamers

"I found this brand recently and love their whole ethos. My daughter would LOVE these streamers!"


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