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Favourite Finds

Taking over our favourite finds this month is Pollyanna, founder of Rosa & Blue! A baby and children's sleepwear brand, Rosa & Blue products are made from sustainable fabrics and Pollyanna’s husband hand-paints all of their designs.

Charlie Crane Levo Rocker

"Tried and tested by both my girls! Like sleeping on a cloud (plus super stylish!)"


Naydaya Body Blitz

"We love this brand! They are making moves in the mummy space. The Body Blitz is a gorgeous oil - especially for pregnancy!"

Body Blitz Oil

Jelly Cat Cord Roy Fox 

"Still my daughter Rosa’s most special toy."

Jelly Cat

Bb Hug Me Pillow

"Had to wean myself off of this after pregnancy - could easily still sleep with it now 3 years on (is that frowned upon?!)"

Pregnancy pillow

Nanny Louenna App

"The gorgeous Louenna is so knowledgeable on everything baby. Guidance in your pocket!"

Nanny Louenna App

IKEA Highchair

"Easy to clean (that’s all I cared about!) You can’t go wrong for under £20. You can buy a little foot rest from Etsy for it too!"


Liewood Bowls

"Easy to clean and unbreakable -perfect for weaning!"

Liewood Bowls

Ashton and Parsons Teething Powders

"Both mine loved this. Still not sure how it helps, but it does!"

Teething Powders 

Kit & Kin Nappies

"I love the sustainability aspect of this brand, great subscription and lovely designs."


Matchstick Monkeys

"Both my girls loved these! Used to sprinkle some Ashton and Parsons teething power onto the end"

Matchstick Monkeys

And of course...

A Rosa & Blue blanket!

Baby Blanket

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